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Wooden Log Homes

Unique American and Canadian Wooden Log Home Architecture and Construction

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Post and Beam

Post and Beam (Post&Beam)- is the framing way of buildings construction via connection vertical posts and horizontal beams together, one kind of a broader technics called Timber Framing.

Timber framing is an ancient traditional method of construction using wooden joinery held together with pegs, wedeges and rarely iron straps. Half-timbering is a notable type of timber framing common in parts of Europe. Traditional timber framing is the method of creating structures using heavy squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs (larger versions of the mortise and tenon joints in furniture). It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier. The method comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks without modern high tech saws to cut lumber from the starting material stock.  Read More...

Canadian Notch (Saddle Notches)

In North America compression fit saddle notch is very popular. The compression-fit notch come to North america from Scandinavia via Canada thanks to the reinvention of an ancient Norwegian log building technique by Del Radomske, a Canadian log home builder, inventor, teacher, and author. And now the notch is very popular among log home builders of other regions of the world. The compression-fit notch, sometimes called shrink-to-fit, is designed to get tighter as the logs settle and shrink.

This notch usually is used in handcrafted log homes and it is combined with chinkless (full scribe) method of longwise log interlocking. Compression fit saddle notch is used rarely by companies utilizing milled logs because machines which are able to produce such notch are very expensive.  Read More ...

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