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Wooden Log Homes

Unique American and Canadian Wooden Log Home Architecture and Construction

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Our Prices

Building walls, partitions...

The price “all included” depends on project’s complexity and starts from 220 EUR/M2 on external house’s axes… The prices includes Cedar 35-40 cm diameter, good quality materials used for logs protection, assembling, insulation, etc… Transportation costs are not included.

Roofing system construction:

We are using high quality wooden shingle from larch, cedar or pine trees we produced internally for our own needs. We believe that’s the best choice for type of homes we build: wooden shingle perfectly emphasis natural esthetics of a house, it also has one of the best operating lifetime (50, 100 years depending on certain criteria) and of course we are certain wooden shingle is the most beautiful type of roofs for log homes… The price “all included” depends on roof complexity and starts from 100 EUR/m2.

Price for a given house…

Rough price estimate for one of our houses currently under construction: house dimension external axes: 27 meters- length and 20 meters width. Over 500 square meters. Two full stories and tower on third floor. The Final price for this house is 215000 EUR, including basement. Transportation costs are not included.

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